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Child Custody Attorney Orinda

Child Custody Attorney Orinda

The case of child custody can be emotionally demanding for parents, especially when there is animosity between both of them. In such a case, hiring professional child custody and visitation lawyer greatly helps ensure the most favorable outcome. With an experienced child custody law firm in your corner, you’ll be more likely to get the custody and visitation agreement acceptable to you. Here are some of the reasons to hire a child custody attorney Orinda.

Legal Advocacy and Protection

Child custody law firms are well aware of the child custody laws and the outcomes of similar cases in the past. So, they can use their experience and knowledge to get the best possible outcomes for their client. They know how to present your case in court in a way that makes the judge clearly see your side. Besides, you don’t have any legal knowledge or experience to fall back on to help your case. With that, it is easier for the other party to take advantage of your lack of lack knowledge. A child custody attorney can guide you and protect your rights.

Proper Filing of Paperwork

During a child custody case, several documents need to be filled out and signed. If you don’t have any law experience related to child custody cases, you become overwhelmed trying to make sure every document is filed and submitted properly. The judge has the right to remove any or all of the documents that are not filed correctly-this can hurt your case. Fortunately, child custody lawyers can ensure your paperwork is done properly while meeting the deadlines.

Your Case Has Special Circumstances

Child custody encompasses issues of both physical custody and legal custody. While it can be challenging to determine the best schedule for physical custody, legal custody issues make the situation even more complex. These custody issues are often interwoven and can make it difficult to reach a suitable agreement. It’s common that the issue of legal custody impacts physical custody schedules, such as where your child attends school, the extracurricular activities they engage in, and the medical providers they see.

Your Ex Has Hired an Attorney

Custody battles can be lengthy, which helps to have a legal professional by your side to protect your rights to your kids. If your ex has an attorney, you need an experienced child custody lawyer to represent your interest as well. Child custody laws in Orinda are complicated, length, and can be applied differently by judges, so trying to handle the case on your own can be challenging, which could be to your detriment. Without a doubt, you should work with an experienced custody attorney to ensure you protect your right and that of your child.

Child Custody Attorney Orinda

If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate child custody lawyer in Orinda, look no further. At Mendes Weed, LLP, our joint custody lawyers help and support each and every client in a way that takes into account all the emotions and sentiments that accompany any case of child custody. Schedule a free, no-obligation child custody case consultation with our law firm.

Child Custody Attorney Orinda
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Child Custody Attorney Orinda
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