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Child Custody Lawyer Westerville Ohio

Child Custody Lawyer Westerville Ohio

An experienced child custody lawyer can advise you on what to do and what not to do at the various phases throughout your child custody case. Woodford Sathappen McGee recommends that you receive a free consultation for personalized legal advice. In the meantime, here are some general guidelines for you to follow to help you as you prepare for your custody battle:

What to Do

  • Make sure that everything is documented, including every interaction with your former partner, every visitation, child support payments, and anything else that will help to prove your case.
  • Call the police if your former partner violates any terms or conditions of existing court orders or personal agreements you may have.
  • Conduct yourself as if you are being watched 24/7. Your former partner may have hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on you.
  • Consider hiring a private investigator if your former partner is doing something wrong.
  • Begin to collect statements and expert witnesses who can help prove your case in court.
  • Be magnanimous. This is often very difficult for people to do when they are going through a heated child custody case. Still, it will make you look good to the judge if you are the mature and responsible parent in the case, not engaging in arguments or inappropriate behavior, especially in the presence of your children.
  • Get the help you need. Many people have problems with anger, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, etc. It’s better to get the help you need upfront. This will show the judge that you are serious about solving your problems. Don’t try to hide it. Whatever is in the dark will come into the light in court. We see it happen all the time!

What Not to Do

  • Do not miss any court hearings, meetings, or deadlines.
  • Do not engage in illegal activities while your case is pending.
  • Do not lie to the judge or in any of your legal paperwork. Lying to a judge is a surefire way to come out on the lesser end of the stick.
  • Do not violate any terms or conditions set forth by the court.

It is extremely important to have adequate legal representation in court, especially in child custody disputes. Child custody rulings tend to be permanent. It can be almost impossible to overturn or modify a decision once one has been rendered by the judge. This is why you need to get it right the first time. Think about what you stand to lose! Of course, Woodford Sathappen McGee is here to support you from A to Z. We have our clients’ backs.  

Why Us?

Woodford Sathappan McGee is where you will find the most passionate women’s child custody lawyers in Westerville, Ohio. We are Columbus child custody lawyers who practice family law, not because of the money we can make as attorneys but because we are passionate about the causes we serve. Children belong with mothers. Even in cases where the mother has a less-than-perfect reputation, we help get mothers the help they need and make sure that the best interests of all of our clients’ children are prioritized first.

Child Custody Lawyer Westerville Ohio
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Child Custody Lawyer Westerville Ohio
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