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Criminal Attorney Las Vegas

When you need a criminal attorney in Las Vegas, the Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata are here to help. Sin City offers plenty of vices. Even if we embrace our past, Las Vegas continues to turn to more family-friendly events and resorts. Our expertise helps when what happens in the city just will not stay in the city.

How easy can someone find my criminal record?

Criminal records in the information age are notoriously easy to obtain. Instead of purchasing records or visiting a courthouse, data companies only need to find your name on a federal, state, county, or city website. Las Vegas, Clark County, and the State of Nevada publish court and even arrest records.

The prevalence of information created a nearly three-billion-dollar background check industry. Companies such as Trans Union leave no stone unturned. With 86 percent of employers relying on such companies to vet prospects, your record is public knowledge.

How damaging can my criminal record be?

Once charged with a felony or misdemeanor, your life changes significantly. Twenty-one states deny the right to vote to felons. Employers view blemishes on the record with skepticism. Employers view candidates with a criminal background as more untrustworthy then their peers.

 With records following you throughout your life. The impact is significant. Sealing records in Michigan led to a 6 percent pay increase.

Should I hire a criminal attorney

Criminal attorneys may not be able to make your conviction disappear, but we can help lessen the damage. A lawyer is a dedicated individual who is always on your side.

Garrett T. Ogata has over 15 years of experience representing clients with more as a clerk of court. We help clients reduce convictions to something more manageable. DUI charges, larceny, and even battery are on our docket. Our history of cases includes reducing felonies to misdemeanors as well as dismissals, a positive result occurring in only 11 percent of cases.

Benefits of a lesser sentence

Lesser sentences make life easier. Sealing and expunging sentences makes life even more bearable. Sealing, which nearly eliminates evidence of a conviction, drastically reduces sentences.

Garrett is recognized for his work. His membership in the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, National Criminal Defense College, and with the NORML Legal Committee show his commitment to promoting the interests of his clients. This dedication led to awards from Desert Champion, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and The National Trial Lawyers.

Criminal attorney in Las Vegas

The devastation a criminal charge creates lasts a lifetime. Criminal attorneys work hard to ensure that your case is heard in the best light possible. Whether obtaining a more beneficial plea deal or carrying a case to trial, Garrett T. Ogata can help.

As an expert in and outside of the court, he can help your charge remain in Las Vegas. Our office even helps in reducing bail amounts to a reasonable level, allowing you to go about your daily life.

If you need a helping hand, schedule an intake appointment with the Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata.

Criminal Attorney Las Vegas
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