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Criminal Defense Lawyer San Antonio

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Antonio

When you have been charged with a crime you may be terrified and may not know how to resolve the situation. If you are convicted you will face penalties, some of which may be severe. A criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio will guide you through the legal process and assist you in resolving the charges with the best possible outcome.

What are the Most Common Crimes?

The most common crimes include theft, burglary, drug crimes, DWI, white collar crimes, assault and robbery. Crimes may be extremely serious, such as homicide, or relatively minor such as possession of drugs. Crimes are classified into various categories depending on their severity. Misdemeanors carry lower penalties than felonies. It is common to be charged with several or more crimes stemming from one particular act. If you have been charged with a crime it is advisable to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio as soon as possible.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you were charged with a crime you could be facing severe penalties if you are convicted. You might have to spend time in jail, pay fines and spend time on probation. Most importantly, you will have a criminal record which could prevent you from getting a job, finding an apartment or even getting into school. You need a qualified criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio to vigorously defend the charges.

How Soon Should I Call An Attorney?

It is best to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio as soon as you are arrested. Your attorney will assist with the entire process including your first appearance. Your lawyer will review all of the factors in your case and begin gathering evidence for your defense. If evidence against you was taken illegally your attorney will request that it be kept out of your case. In some instances your attorney may be able to work with the prosecutor to have some of your charges reduced or eliminated. You have a better chance of successful defense when you seek legal representation early in the process.

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested?

In an arrest the officer will read you the Miranda rights and may ask you questions about the crime. You should not discuss the case or make a statement until your attorney is present. This can prevent you from saying something that could be used against you in court. If you are being held in jail you may be able to get out on your own I-bond. Your attorney will try to facilitate this when possible. Provide all the information you can to your attorney so that he can plan a successful defense. Some cases are resolved through a plea deal. Speak to your attorney before you make a decision.

A criminal charge doesn’t have to be stressful or traumatic. Count on the expertise of your criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio to help you get the best outcome in your particular case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Antonio
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