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Estate Lawyer Service

Estate Lawyer Service

Are you searching for an affordable estate lawyer service in the Kamloops area? We invite you to contact Lisa Denham Law Office for estate planning and will services that will give you exceptional peace of mind. If you’ve been putting off handling the details of how your estate will be passed on once you’re gone, it’s perfectly natural. For the sake of your family’s financial future, consider making plans now.

Wills Creation & Estate Planning

Writing a will is something most people think about at certain intervals of their life, but tend to forget about as the practical details of daily life crowd out what many think of as impractical ones. The fact is that nothing is more practical than planning for your family’s financial future. Estate planning is crucial to that process, and will ensure that more of your estate is passed on at less of a cost to those whom you love.

Proactive Estate Planning In BC

The thought of death can keep people from taking the necessary steps to provide for their loved ones after they are gone. This is a serous mistake. Inaction can result in serious consequences in the event that something should happen to you suddenly and unexpectedly. If you should die without a will, your state will consider you to have died ‘intestate’ and they state itself will determine how and when your property is distributed- not you. Their decision will impact your bank accounts, real estate, securities and remaining assets.

Estate Planning Is Simplifying Your Loved One's Responsibility

Dying with a will in place changes your legal status from intestate to testate, meaning your wishes that were legally recorded in your will are deemed valid, and your estate will be distributed in the way in which you had indicated prior to your death. It’s not difficult to see how much more advantageous it is to invest a small amount of time and money into creating and validating your wishes in the form of a will. For exceptional estate lawyer service, call Lisa Denham Law Office at 250-828-2846 to schedule a meeting.


Consider the benefits of hiring an estate lawyer service to plan for your financial future:


Expertise in the Field of Law. Unless you possess a background in estate planning, a lawyer can do a more thorough job of managing the details. Tax Benefits for Beneficiaries. The complexities of the tax code call for an expert who understands potential issues your beneficiaries can face in paying taxes and how to resolve them. If you wish to leave as much of your estate to your loved ones as possible, it’s critical to hire an estate lawyer service.Accurate Implementation of your Wishes. If it’s important to you that your estate is distributed in a certain way, there is simply no substitute for hiring a professional.

Denham Law Office is An Estate Planning Law Firm

Contact Lisa Denham Law Office for legal advice and for expert estate lawyer service in the Kamloops region. Call 250-828-2846 to schedule a meeting or send your questions in the form of an email to

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