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Lawyers In Las Vegas

Lawyers in Las Vegas are ready for anything. From everyday problems to the occasional gambling debt or drug charge, the criminal lawyers at The Law Offices of Garret T. Ogata is at your side.

Criminal Attorneys in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a show town steeped in history. Our town is known for its seedy history, garnering the nickname Sin City. That does not mean that the law is not enforced, especially as we turn towards more family-friendly resorts.

Still, the occasional accident happens. Thirty percent of Americans have a criminal record. While you may want that to stay in Las Vegas, your record travels with you everywhere. What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

How does my criminal record affect me?

In the information age, it is easy for anyone to find your past. The criminal background check industry is a three-billion-dollar industry populated by some of the largest data companies. Nothing is safe from the eyes of Trans Union.

Your criminal background effects everything from job prospects to membership in professional organizations. Eighty-six percent of employers perform background checks. Even your voting rights are impacted in the 21 states that bar felons from voting.

Can a criminal lawyer help me?

Criminal attorneys help clients in many ways. Nearly 97 percent of federal cases and 954 percent of state cases end in plea bargains. Lawyers work hard to find evidence that lessens charges. A misdemeanor is more desirable than a felony.

Our offices handle a variety of cases. Arrest warrants, domestic violence cases, drug charges, sex crimes, personal injury lawsuits, speeding tickets, and more are on our docket.

A track record that counts

The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata have a pension for excellence. In 2019, we helped clients reduce or dismiss charges ranging from DUI while leaving the scene of an accident to larceny.

We also take on more notable cases as well as provide expert advice. Our firm was featured on MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, and ABC.

A lawyer with experience

Charles T. Ogata attended The University of Maryland Law School before beginning an established career as a criminal attorney as a law clerk in Clark County. He belongs to multiple criminal defense associations, is Co-Founder of the Las Vegas DUI Center, and an instructor at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When it comes to understanding criminal law in Nevada, few can claim such associations. The knowledge Garrett obtained from working in the field helps him better understand how to achieve a positive outcome for your case.

Where can I find lawyers in Las Vegas?

The lawyers at the offices of Garrett T. Ogata have experience. We handled 4232 cases, 1600 DMV hearings, and 4232 clients over 15 years in business. Our founder practices in California, Nevada, and Utah.

Our office is highly awarded, not just present in the news. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Desert Champion, NORML, and The National Trial Lawyers recognized us for our efforts in helping clients.

Lawyers In Las Vegas
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