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Truck Accident Lawyer Saint Louis

Truck Accident Lawyer Saint Louis

When there is a trucking accident, liability can be a big concern when facing property damage or injuries from a large commercial vehicle. The ability to hold the correct party responsible for the damage is imperative to fully recover from the incident and get all necessary compensation. It is best for many people involved in such a wreck to get assistance from a qualified, experienced truck accident lawyer in Saint Louis.

Do You Know When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

A trucking accident often involves many individuals. This includes at least one agency or company, depending on the type of trucker driving the vehicle. When a commercial truck is involved, the driver may have been hired on through a business that ships and transfers items or equipment. However, they may also drive as an independent contractor free of any connection to another agency. In such a situation, the trucker may be the sole person liable for the incident. Understanding the connection is important for any victim seeking compensation. A good accident victim lawyer can help to investigate the matter to determine the party at fault.

Potentially Responsible Party

A car crash law firm will tell you several potentially liable parties in a trucking accident. If the vehicle was created with a defect, it could fall on the manufacturer. There could be another manufacturer for accessories like pulleys or ropes that keep hauled items in place. Anyone who hires the trucker and does not perform correct inspections could also be at fault. Any third party could also have connections to the collision in addition to the driver, which is why you should be talking to a good truck accident lawyer in Saint Louis that knows what to look for.

  • The Driver of the Truck – Any driver of a large truck could hold liability for various reasons. They could have an operational issue, be overly tired, get distracted, or have been under the influence.
  • The Trucking Company – Someone who hires a trucker could be responsible. However, determining this may be difficult unless your auto collision lawyer can determine they cut corners on inspections, did not properly vet the driver, and more.
  • The Truck's Owner – If a trucking company doesn’t own the truck but uses and provides the vehicle for the trucker, that owner could be liable for the accident. They may be responsible for checking the engine, tires, and other elements that must be in working order on the truck.

If the victim in a trucking accident cannot provide evidence on who is liable for the event, personal injury attorneys hired for the claim could assist. With a thorough investigation to gather proof, a qualified lawyer may find evidence pointing to who is truly at fault and help hold them accountable for damages and compensation in court.

When you are involved in a trucking accident, you should never go through the claim process alone. You need a good truck accident lawyer in Saint Louis to help you navigate all the steps properly. We are here to help at the offices of Craig J. Concannon, P.C. Call us for a free consultation at (314) 421-3329.

Truck Accident Lawyer Saint Louis
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Truck Accident Lawyer Saint Louis
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