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Wills Trusts and Estates Attorney Walnut Creek

Wills Trusts and Estates Attorney Walnut Creek

Mendes Weed, LLP is a top-rated law firm specializing in family and tax law. Our #1 wills, trusts, and estates attorney in Walnut Creek, Lisa J. Mendes, possesses an in-depth knowledge of tax laws in California and ensures the most favorable outcome for her clients in civil litigations.

What Makes A Will Legal?

You must meet three technical requirements when you make a will for it to be legal. 

  1. You must be over 18 years old and of sound mind.
  2. You must have at least two witnesses sign the will. 
  3. You need to date and sign the will.

There are more rules and procedures that you must follow while making a will. Speaking to an attorney at one of the estate planning law firms can help you get a clearer idea.

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

Failing to make a will and the other parent being unavailable or unfit will result in the court naming a guardian for your assets/property. The court-appointed guardian will care for your children and their property.

Why Should I Make A Living Trust?

Making a living trust can prevent the property you leave left to your loved ones from going through the probate court. Probate is the court's way of paying your debts and distributing your property to those who inherit it. On average, probate drags on for several months before your loved ones can get anything from it. 

Not to mention, by the time the probate is complete, close to 5% of your property can get eaten up in lawyer and court fees. Hiring an attorney for will and trust planning can help you avoid probate.

Is It Expensive To Craft A Living Trust?

Creating a living trust is not as complicated as making a will. Some people also do it without a lawyer. However, if you plan to proceed without an attorney, you must educate yourself about the procedures involved in creating a living trust using a good self-help book or software program. Hire an estate planning attorney who charges a reasonable fee. A lawyer can handle the crucial paperwork for you and prevent hassles.

Can A Living Trust Reduce Estate Taxes?

A probate-avoidance living trust has minimal or no effect on state and federal estate taxes. However, for deaths in 2022, estates that are more than $12.06 million in worth will owe federal estate tax. The good news is that few people will have to worry about the estate tax.

Nevertheless, you should prepare for this exemption amount to increase with inflation. Schedule a consultation with one of the leading estate planning lawyers to learn more about tax savings and creating a living trust.

How Can A Estate Attorney Help You?

The duties of a real estate attorney can vary. In general, a trusts and estates attorney handles the following tasks:

  • Negotiate real estate deals
  • Draft and review real estate contracts
  • Carry out title searches
  • Draft title insurance policies
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Handle real estate disputes and litigation

Contact 925-390-3222 to hire the best wills, trusts, and estates attorney in Walnut Creek, Hadeel Abutouk. Mendes Weed, LLP offers unsurpassed legal services at affordable prices and can reduce your stress significantly. Whether you need help with preparing and reviewing documents relating to purchase agreements, mortgage documents, or title documents, or avoid estate taxes, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us today.

Wills Trusts and Estates Attorney Walnut Creek
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Wills Trusts and Estates Attorney Walnut Creek
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