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Residential Law

You might be excited about buying your first home in Hamilton but are you really as prepared as you need to be?

From unexpected HOA fees to hidden clauses when purchasing still under development properties, buying real estate is far from easy. Thankfully, at GK Law, our Hamilton real estate lawyer are passionate about helping individuals, families, and local businesses purchase and lease property as hassle freely as possible. We check properties for outstanding liens, provide highly effective legal solutions when things go wrong, and can even advise individuals and businesses in regard to their future tax and HST liabilities.

Do you feel like you have been mis-sold a property? Have significant structural defects not been disclosed to you prior to purchase? Alternatively, has a property developer failed to meet your full expectations? If so, our real estate lawyer can help.

From helping you close sales to providing actionable legal counsel when things go wrong, GK Law will help safeguard your interests throughout every phase of your next Hamilton property purchase. Even better, we can help you save in the process by identifying preferential home financing opportunities.


Commercial Law

From cross-border investments to helping you understand your true State and Federal tax liabilities, GK Law in Hamilton offer a wide variety of commercial real estate services. Our services include (but are by no means limited to) support for those affected by zoning and land use issues, financial advice for new developers, and advice for those leasing and managing properties.

Corporate Law

Having a corporate lawyer on call should be seen as essential for almost any business. This is why at GK Law, we provide a number of businesses in Hamilton with ongoing legal assistance. Our services focus on everything from the securing of businesses intellectual property rights to the legal mediation of conflicts, and tax compliance advice. Even better, we can assist businesses through insolvency, as well as help them manage new real estate and business acquisitions.

Wills & Estates

Regardless of what age you are, it’s important to have some kind of plan for what might happen when you are no longer here to administer your estate. Thankfully, we can help you draw up a will which will specify in no uncertain terms how you want your estate divided and managed after your death. This way you can help reduce the chances of family feuds arising, as well as help your surviving loved ones sidestep hefty taxes and potential financial upset.

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