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What to Expect from our free Initial Consultation Service

In any kind of dispute or other legal process, preparation is everything.  However, preparation also starts with you choosing the right lawyer to work with in the first place. This is why at GK Law, often times (although not always) we provide a free initial email/telephone or in person consultation service (as the case may require) during which we will assess the merits of your case and advise you in regard to the most effective course of legal action to be taken

As a general rule, an initial consultation with a lawyer in Toronto or anywhere, if it is substantive in nature or otherwise tends to resolve the problem as a whole, will usually take place in person (at the office) and is a paid service.  However,  If the consultation is basic in nature or even if substantive but is in respect of an issue that requires the firm to be retained for further legal work, a complimentary (free) telephone or e-mail consultation may be appropriate. Thankfully, at GK Law, we have devised a much more effective initial consultation process.  However, in order to provide a more effective initial consultation service, we invite prospective clients to email us in order to communicate their case details.  By engaging in a consultation with a lawyer in this way, your case can be assessed quickly and effectively before being required to attend for an in person time consuming meeting


Benefit from a free GK Law Lawyer Consultation Today

Do you need professional legal assistance? If so, click our free quote button and in doing so you will be given the opportunity to outline your case and have it reviewed by a lawyer with relevant practice experience asap. In doing so, you will get the answers you need as fast as possible without having to go through the time-consuming (and often ineffective process) of a traditional in-person consultation.

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