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Why you need to use a Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto?

Toronto is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in Canada. It comprises many neighbourhoods, including downtown Toronto, East End, West End, East York, North York, and Etobicoke, among several other wonderful regions.

As the capital of Ontario, Toronto has one of the largest real estate markets for commercial and residential properties.

Acquiring a new home, business premises, or any property in the Toronto real estate is a significant investment, and it requires detailed knowledge of the whole property acquisition process. This process is quite intricate, and the best way to navigate it is by enlisting the expertise of an experienced Toronto real estate lawyer.

GK Law is a committed real estate law firm with over 10 years of experience offering clients personalized services in real estate and business law. Our lawyers are well-versed with matters involving buying and selling real estate properties, including price negotiation, determining tax implications, title transfers, and checking title deeds to ensure that there are no liens listed against the property, among other real estate services.

Although some real estate agencies offer to handle all your legal dealings, they may fail to disclose vital information, such as unpaid tax liens, which will prove detrimental after acquiring the property. If you have GK Law real estate lawyer by your side, they’ll be able to uncover and disclose anything that might be wrong with any property. Besides, the real estate agent is not obliged by law to disclose everything, but your lawyer is legally bound to disclose every detail.

Enlist the services of the best real estate lawyers in Toronto and avert unexpected liabilities when purchasing a new home, business premises, or any other property.

If you are buying a new home in Toronto or GTA, a real estate lawyer will:


Prepare and register all the legal documents for you making sure that there isn’t the slightest error or omission


Make sure that you are aware of any and all liabilities associated with a property, including all tax, maintenance & development charges, and any and all usage restrictions.


Run a title search in order to check that there are no covenants, easements or liens registered against a property.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

Commercial real estate is regarded by most investors as a stable long-term investment, as it tends to offer higher returns on any investment made. However lucrative it may sound, commercial real estate has many challenges and unforeseeable risks. This is why it’s vital to work with an experienced real estate lawyer to protect your interests.

GK Law offers personalized services to individuals looking to acquire, lease, develop, or manage commercial properties. We have experienced lawyers with the expertise to handle real estate cases, including title searches, planning and development, land use, taxes, property acquisition and management to property disposition.

Whether you are a commercial property owner, developer, or an international investor, we represent your interests by handling all your commercial property transactions and protecting your current and future investments.

Contact GK Law for all your commercial real estate needs in Toronto. We will deal with all acquisitions, dispositions, negotiations, and disputes that may arise during your real estate dealings.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Purchasing a new home is one of the most significant and crucial decisions we make in our lives. It can be quite frustrating to acquire a home and end up with surprise liens, unpaid tax liabilities, or any other issues that your real estate agent failed to disclose. To avert possible property issues during and after the acquisition, and to navigate them if they arise, it\’s paramount to acquire the services of an expert real estate lawyer in Toronto. GK Law offers homeowners superior services by handling every purchase from start to finish and dealing with any complexities that may arise thereafter. Our real estate lawyers review sale and purchase agreements, run title searches to check for any liens against the property, and prepare and review other legal documents involved in the acquisition process. They do this while keeping you informed every step of the way. Every residential real estate purchase is unique, and our lawyers handle it with utmost care to ensure a suitable outcome for our clients. Whether you’re purchasing a condominium, cottage, vacation home, or land for construction, our lawyers understand the complexities of each transaction, and they\’ll help you navigate the whole deal. If you\’re looking to purchase a residential real estate property in Toronto, contact GK Real Estate Lawyers for a complimentary initial consultation.


Why Hire a Toronto Real Estate Lawyer?

If you’re worried that acquiring a real estate lawyer’s services will cost you more when purchasing or selling property, think again! Real estate lawyers are a crucial part of any transaction.


Agreement of Purchase or Sale


Acquisition or disposition of property involves an agreement to purchase or sale (APS), which has many clauses that only a real estate lawyer can interpret correctly. This means that if you don’t have legal counsel, you may not understand what the clauses mean, which might end up affecting the transaction later on. If you enlist the services of an experienced lawyer, they can review the APS agreement and negotiate better terms. If you’re selling your residential property, a lawyer can also help you prepare all legal documents, including the APS.


Title Searches


What’s more frustrating than buying a new commercial or residential property only to realize that there are liens against it or other legal issues? I can’t think of anything worse than realizing that you acquired a property with legal problems, which you have to deal with as the new owner.

A real estate lawyer can run a title search to acquire vital information about the property before making your purchase. This information includes any outstanding taxes, prior ownership, liens and other vital details about the property. With all the knowledge about a property, including any issues surrounding it, one can negotiate for a better price or withhold from buying it.


Mortgage Preparation


Acquiring a residential or commercial property through mortgage comes with several legal agreements between you and the lender. An experienced Toronto real estate lawyer reviews the terms and conditions of the agreements, to ensure that they are outlined as agreed with the lender.


Preparation of Documents


Acquiring or selling residential and commercial real estate properties involves a lot of legal documents. A real estate lawyer prepares the documents required for each transaction, ensuring that they include every detail. They also review the documents provided by sellers and lenders to protect the buyers from hidden charges and negotiate better terms.


Acquiring New Condominiums


Unlike regular homes, such as single-family homes, condominiums are more complex to acquire. They have a special type of title called the “strata title,” and there are rules and regulations that owners are expected to follow. A real estate lawyer keeps you updated during the acquisition process and guides you through what is expected of you and the other strata owner.


Property Closing


This is the most critical part of the acquisition or disposition transaction. The deed, the closing statement, and other relevant closing documents must be prepared. A real estate attorney helps buyers and sellers prepare and review all property closing documents to ensure that everything is fair and in order. The documents are then signed and passed to the appropriate parties.


Filing Documents


Real estate deeds and other appropriate documents need to be filed correctly at the local registry office and other government offices. A real estate lawyer understands the filing process more intimately, and they can submit the necessary documents, fast and efficiently, while navigating any issues.

Why Choose Us as Your Toronto Real Estate Lawyers?

GK Law has been handling commercial and residential real estate transactions for over 10 years. This has gained us insight and experience, which helps us protect our client’s interests and rights in real estate and business dealings. We have closed over 10,000 unique transactions, and we continue to make our clients happy by closing more real estate cases by the day.

We are dedicated real estate lawyers, and our personalized services ensure that each of our clients is catered for as per their specific needs. Our lawyers handle everything during the transactions, including negotiations, title searches, preparing and reviewing documents, filing documents, and ensuring that our clients acquire properties with clean titles. We protect your investments.

At GK Law, we provide an initial complimentary consultation and a nonobligatory quote for our real estate and business law services. Contact us to make an appointment with the best real estate lawyers in Toronto. If you have any questions regarding real estate, check our FAQ section or contact us.


You need to be able to call your real estate lawyer, ask questions and have them answered with ease


At GK Law, we take our business seriously


Our real estate team is comprised of proactive, intelligent people.


We respect the gravity of the transaction and the stakes at play


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