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Why you Might need a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Toronto

If you are searching for a civil litigation lawyer in Toronto, you are likely involved in a civil lawsuit already. Worse, because litigation law in Toronto is so complex, it can be easy to find the civil litigation procedure personally intimidating and in many cases bewildering. Thankfully, at GK Law, we can help you allay any fears which you might have in regard to the civil litigation process. This is because we have several years experience representing clients just like you. Moreover, wherever possible, we will attempt to seek out of court alternatives to civil litigation by means of legal mediation and negotiation.

civil litigation

Areas of Litigation Expertise

At GK Law, we are proud to be able to provide civil litigation attorney services to a wide variety of clients.

Have you discovered defects in a property post purchase which you believe should have been disclosed by the previous owner? Alternatively, are you planning on leasing a new commercial property? If so, we can check for potential obstacles and disputes which could arise due to lease terms.  In like regard, we are also adept at mediating disputes in regard to real estate agent and broker commissions.

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Toronto

From real estate law disputes to cases of commercial disputes, and disputes arising out of employment and labour law, there are a plethora of reasons why you might need the services of a Toronto civil litigation lawyer.

The important thing to remember is that the litigation process in Toronto is outlined by the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure and Courts of Justice Act. This makes simply navigating the court system itself a huge hurdle for plaintiffs and defendants alike. In fact, self-representation simply isn’t an option for many people. Moreover, if you are a business or person without the necessary legal skills, courts in Toronto will often require you to retain a litigation lawyer.


Other areas of Expertise

As well as protecting your interests in regard to real estate law, at GK Law, we routinely help clients pursue civil litigation claims for professional negligence, partnership & business disputes, breaches of contract, and claims in many other areas. The key to our success is simple. With each one of our clients, we study case specifics as thoroughly as possible. At the same time, we discover what your specific personal and business needs are, before striving to find a solution which meets these.

Do all Litigation Proceedings in Toronto go to Court?

The good news for most, if not all of our clients, is that civil litigation doesn’t always have to go as far as the courtroom. Litigation can be both costly and time consuming for all parties involved. This being the case, while your lawyer should always be fully capable of representing you in court, we also handle out of court mediation and arbitration.

Of course, settling out of court will still require a well researched and reasoned legal strategy. In this case, you can be assured that with GK Law, your litigation lawyer will provide the kind of accurate, effective, and actional legal advice which you need to realize the most favorable outcome possible. Are you looking for a civil litigation lawyer in Toronto? If so, don’t leave the success of your claim or counterclaim to chance. Instead, make sure to reach out to GK Law today so that we can start helping you navigate effectively through the litigation and/or mediation process.

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