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Corporate Lawyer Services as Bespoke as you Are

Whether you are a new startup or an already established business in Toronto, there isn’t any question regarding whether or not you could benefit from professional corporate legal assistance.

Employing a corporate lawyer helps you avoid litigation before it happens. From being able to advise your business in regard to everything from new asset acquisitions to all aspects of employment law, a corporate lawyer will help you ensure that your company is fully compliant with all local and national legislative requirements.

Why your Businesses needs a Corporate Lawyer

What many small business owners especially forget, is that they are bound for the most part, by many of the same laws and regulations in Toronto which apply to their bigger competitors. From employment and business law to strict marketing, advertising, and service provision standards, regulations exist in all fields of business, in order to protect the interests of both business owners and consumers alike.

Of course, for smaller company managers, the regulatory landscape in Toronto can seem confusing at times. What all business owners need to remember, though, is that non-compliance with different regulations due to not knowing whether such regulations apply, simply isn’t an option.


Property & Business Specific Corporate Lawyer Services

Compliance matters aside, it is important to note that a corporate lawyer in Toronto won’t just help your business operate on a steady legal footing. Rather, your business will need to liaise with a corporate lawyer right from the very beginning, so that they can help you form your business as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) in the first place.

In like regard, your business will need to employ the services of a corporate lawyer with some regularity, in order to help you prepare the contracts which you issue to your employees, clients, and suppliers, as well as review and dispute contractual arrangements which you enter into yourself.

Real Estate Lawyer Services

In the majority of cases, Toronto business owners will own or lease at least one or two properties. However, even leases of commercial properties can be complex. Thankfully, as well as specializing in the acquisition and disposition of properties, a corporate lawyer will be able to negotiate preferable lease and tenancy agreements on your behalf.

In fact, if the fine print in a commercial lease is not properly reviewed and actioned upon, lease terms themselves can have a hugely detrimental impact on any new or existing Toronto business operation. Moreover, since property owners and landlords will have had terms drafted by attorneys such as ourselves in the first place, you need professional legal assistance to help you navigate through and fully understand the claims which your business is being asked to agree to.

Toronto Tax Laws & Compliance

While a professional business accountant will ideally be responsible for preparing and filing your company tax returns each year, most Toronto businesses will also need to consult with a specialist tax lawyer at some point. This will be necessary in order for your business to discover your full tax liabilities. In like regard, a corporate lawyer will be able to register your business for provincial and federal tax identification numbers, as well as represent you throughout audit processes, administrative appeals, and tax litigation proceedings at all court levels.

Intellectual Property

Even if your Toronto business isn’t itself directly involved in creative areas such as design and media services, you still need to be aware of your and others intellectual property rights. Unknowingly, for example, you might at some point use similar corporate branding to one or more of your competitors.

Thankfully, our corporate legal services can help you negate the possibility of ever being litigated against. At the same time, we will help you fully protect your own trademarks, copyrights, and overall intellectual property rights, so that these are never infringed upon by others.

At GK Law, our corporate law services in Toronto span many different areas of practice. However, in every case, we tailor our services to the precise needs of the individual business owners and corporations which we work with. This being the case, if you would like to see your business flourish by virtue of better corporate legal advice, make sure to reach out to us today for more information.

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