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Residential Law

If you are planning on buying property in Markham, you probably think that your realtor will not just negotiate you the best price, but that he or she will also attend to all the legalities pertaining to the transaction at hand. Sadly, mistakes with even basic title transfers can and do happen. In fact, most real estate agents and property finders won’t actually read contracts and sale clauses, much less check property titles for outstanding tax liens.

Thankfully, at GK Law in Markham, our real estate lawyercan help you save by checking sales contracts and property titles prior to purchase. Catering for both residential and commercial clients, we are also proficient in protecting Markham property owners rights in the face of fraud and non-disclosure of key property details prior to purchase.

When buying or investing in real estate in Markham, it is imperative to understand every step of the purchase process itself. If buying a property which hasn’t been developed yet, what assurances do you have that developers will correct potential maintenance and structural defects after your home is ready to move into? In like regard, are you certain that there are no outstanding tax liens on a property which you might become liable for post-purchase?

At GK Law, your real estate lawyer will work with you in order to secure the best home financing possible. At the same time, we will make sure that all contracts and title transfer documents are filed correctly, in order to make your new home purchase go as smoothly as possible.


Commercial Law

If you are a business in Markham looking to purchase or lease a property, it is imperative to consult a real estate lawyer who can get you the best possible deal on your next property acquisition.

Unlike realtors, we can negotiate preferential commercial leasing contracts for businesses. At the same time, we are highly proficient it arranging preferential financing for both small and large scale new property developments.

Corporate Law

Do you need actionable tax and/or financial advice? Alternatively, is your business facing insolvency? If so, we can help.

Being one of the longest established real estate law firms in Markham, GK Law provides a wide variety of business-specific legal services. We can help you structure your business, protect your intellectual property rights, and can help you negotiate and implement new mergers and acquisitions.

Wills & Estates

Whether in Markham or anywhere, the last thing you probably want to think about is leaving your loved ones behind. Time and time again, however, those who pass away without leaving a will, often do so at the expense of family feuds and significant financial upset for their surviving loved ones.

Thankfully, at GK Law, we can help you make plans for your estate which in every case, will be faithfully executed after your passing. In like regard, we can help you plan for unforeseen eventualities such as periods of sudden illness, as well as the potential for dispersal of your estate prior to you passing.

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