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Our Practice Areas

Buying a residential property represents one of the most significant financial transactions which most Canadians will ever enter into.

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Thankfully, our residential real estate lawyer can help you save time and money when purchasing a residential property. We will help secure your personal financial interests, minimize the risk associated with any new transaction, and secure your legal rights throughout every step of the purchase process.

Commercial Law

As leading Toronto real estate lawyer, we have extensive knowledge of the commercial Canadian real estate market.

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Because of this, we can assist you with property acquisitions, dispositions, and developments, as well as everything from cross-border investments to the management and leasing of real estate property all across Canada.

Corporate Law

When it comes to corporate law, you need actionable and accurate advice which can guide your company through every aspect of your next merger or acquisition.

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This being the case, At GK Law, we provide detailed corporate advisory services pertaining to everything from new real estate acquisitions to corporate finance, insolvency, banking, and even your company’s overall partnership structure.

Wills and Estates

Personal wills and estates represent one of the most delicate areas of practice law. This being the case, it is fundamental that you plan the dispersal of your estate with lawyers who have a thorough understanding of your personal wishes and interests.

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At GK Law, we, therefore, provide a frank and comfortable environment in which you can discuss your estate execution needs. In like regard, with us, you can rest assured that your will and estate will be attended to as per your exact wishes when and if it ever needs to be.


Mortgage Refinance

In business, real estate transactions represent one of the most significant transactions and investments which your company will ever enter into.

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In order to help you close transactions quickly and compliantly, our lawyers will, therefore, assist you through every step of the purchase process. In doing so, we will help you close sales on time, keep your overall costs to a minimum, and make the purchase process itself as easy and stress-free as possible.


Are you in the midst of a contractual dispute? As leading real estate lawyes in Toronto, we can help you effectively pursue any and all kinds of non-criminal legal disputes.

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We will advise you in regard to whether your dispute will be best handled in or out of court. Meanwhile, if someone has raised a dispute against you, we will make sure to defend your rights to the highest possible standard and in doing so, always pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

Immigration Lawyer

When purchasing or selling property, the most important element of the transaction is the transfer of title between buyer and seller. A real estate lawyer will ensure that the seller has a valid title to transfer to the purchaser.

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The title confirms that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. More importantly however, the title shows that the property is free from encumbrances such as mortgages, assignments, liens, executions, and notices.
When purchasing a property, clients will review their title with their real estate lawyer to be apprised exactly what was and what is registered on the property. Prior to completing the transaction, GK Law will ensure that their client has a clear title and is aware and acknowledges any restrictions affecting their property. The lawyers at GK Law, we will ensure that all paperwork is in order and that the seller’s title is valid, and all contracts are as they should be.

Tax Law

Because of the ever-changing tax landscape in Canada, it is of paramount importance that your company is always aware of changes to local and provincial tax codes.

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Our lawyers, in this case, specialize in providing sound corporate tax advisory services which will assist you in all aspects of business planning and finance. In like regard, we can capably represent your company should you ever be investigated for tax evasion and/or other regulatory offenses.
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